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February 24, 2021  

Top Nutrition Myths of the Year

With so many nutrition myths, it’s hard to know where to start. The mad scientist Jim Goetz covers: carbs, eggs, red meat, and a lot more. Each topic hits the heart of these debates.

December 16, 2020  

Will Fermented Foods Make You Healthier or Not

What's sexy about fermentation? What's not sexy about eating foods that cause stomach problems and bloating? Fermentation has been used for centuries as part of human food consumption. However, done wrong can have catastrophic consequences.

December 7, 2020  

Will Cooking Your Own Food Improve Your Health on Fun Friday

To eat out or not to eat out, that is the question. Some believe cooking from home is beneficial to your health and may improve your longevity while others may disagree. What's the right answer?


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December 1, 2020  

Brain Based Wellness on Healthy Happy Hour with Jim Goetz

The 21st century is fast becoming the century of Super-Stress. Learn powerfully effective tools designed to help you achieve balanced brainwave states needed for optimal function of body and mind.


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Show Notes:

November 23, 2020  

Why Small Goals Will Make You Fail

Why small goals will make you fail and how to set real goals to raise your chances of success.
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November 9, 2020  

Dr John Jaquish induce bone density, muscle growth and look better

In this new podcast episode, Dr. John Jaquish, New York Times bestselling author of Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time and CEO of X3 and Osteostrong will be taking his million plus followers and appearing Live on the Functionised Podcast to talk about his book, X3 technology and variable resistance, bone health, nutrition and amino acids. Dr Jaquish discusses current research and points out the advances he has made and continues to make in biotechnology.

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October 28, 2020  

How to Improve Daily Performance Through Sex on Healthy Happy Hour

How to achieve flow state and ultimate success in life through timing and biohacking sex with the mad scientist Jim Goetz NBCE, CSCS and Beauty, Brains, Brawn-Chantea Goetz, PhDs, MS, CES


Show Notes Can Be Found At:

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October 26, 2020  

Why Can’t I Lose Weight on Fun Friday at Functionised

Have you struggled with weight loss on the past? Have you lost the weight but it just comes roaring back? Enjoy this Fun Friday at Functionised with Jim, Chantea and Dr. Mike as they bring you to a new and better version of yourself!


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October 21, 2020  


“Can I share a secret?” I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but”  We’ve never shared this on before but if you want to hear and see how you can make your sex life hotter, more fulfilling and enjoyable, then check out this Healthy Happy Hour on High Intensity Interval Sex with Jim and Chantea Goetz!!!

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October 17, 2020  

How to Eliminate Acne

How to cure your acne with nutrition and hormone regulation

Intro/ Acne’s effects With Diet

  • 85% of  teenagers have acne

    • A history of moderate to severe acne is highly correlated with increased risk of breast and prostate cancer

      • Hormonal based and TOR

  • It is considered a western disease and is far less and even nonexistent in many countries, especially less industrialised 

    • TOR activity is known to be raised with moderate amounts of dairy and any processed foods

      • Increased TOR is correlated to premature puberty, acne, cancer, expedited cellular aging, diabetes, alzhimer’s and more


Acne and Hormones

  • 70% of all young adults have skin problems during puberty

    • Most times acne significantly improves as an adult, (over 25yrs) but 40% still are affected by it, predominantly women at 85% of them

  • Adult Onset in the “t-zone” of the forehead, nose and chin is a correlated sign of hormone imbalance, usually high testosterone

    • Same with the chin strap

  • During puberty, male and females get a surge in all hormones, including androgens

    • This stimulates sebrum in sebaceous glands, and too much accumulation causes acne

      • Too little causes cracked dry skin, too much can cause a hard plug around follicle to cause acne

  • For men, our hormones typically stabilize after puberty, women is a different story

    • Monthly fluctuations for 20 years, massive changes post menopause, pregnancy causes several more monthly surges. 

    • Earmuff talk for The Mad Scientist;- premenstral acne

      • Women are most likely to get it in the 2nd half of their cycle

      • Progesterone and Oestrogen increase heavily in the first 2 weeks, and then plummet right before…”it” happens and they are at their lowest

        • When they drop, testosterone is actually higher than most female reproductive hormones, sebrum is still high from progesterone boost, and acne is likely

      • Some women find that contraceptives help via SHBG (sex-hormone binding globulin) sponges up testosterone with increases estrogens and decreases sebrum, and acne


The Gut to Skin Axis

  • If  there is SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and the gut is inflamed, it rapidly causes systemic inflammation via inflammatory cytokines throughout the body

    • Skin is the largest organ of the body so no wonder it frequently gets attacked 

    • This is leaky gut, what occurs with food sensitivites and allergies that aren’t in check, SAD diet, etc

  • Skin, brain fog, and bloating are the most common symptoms when there is a gut issue, and when it is the primary factor involved, going on a precise healthy lifestyle for the individual typically causes rapid changes in all 3 areas.


Dairy Acne

  • Research showed that dairy and sugar are among the greatest factors associated with acne. In this analysis, more people with acne consume dairy products (48.2%) compared to those who don’t (38.8%). People who regularly eat soda, pastries, chocolates and other sweets were also more likely to suffer from acne

    • There is also all the sugar that is in milk, as well as inflammatory for many people with sensitivities which increases acne chance

  • Acne is mostly a Western civilization disease with 85% of adolescents having it

    • Aside from a random pimple or 2, basically unheard of in eastern cultures, especially those without high glycemic packaged foods and dairy

  • The majority of our milk comes from pregnant cows where their hormones are even higher than normal, but then we add hormones to them to produce even more. 

    • Appears to be a part of hormonal acne.

    • We aren’t cows, and we aren’t meant to be drinking milk from mothers into and beyond our 20’s anyway! Not very natural

      • I don’t drink human milk at this age, nor should we (colostrum is a different topic) but it would still be better as our bodies were made a little

Does Chocolate  cause acne?

  • Apparently, yes!

    • A study had capsules of white chocolate, placebo, and pure cocoa powder and acne prone subjects ate 240 of them to act as a “binge”

      • The white chocolate group had the most increases in pimples, white/black heads

      • But cocoa still doubled the acne in 4 days.

        • Some pimple prone may get it from chocolate. Likely to decrease as we age

        • This study however was men only

          • Would there be more or less if the hormonal fluctuating women were tested?- don’t know, but we can argue about it?

    • Previously thought it was just the milk and sugar involved (plays a factor though)

    • Cutting back sugar and processed foods however, helps nearly all acne sensitive individuals due to inflammatory markers within a few months, even with severe acne


Acne and Bacteria

  • Drugs are the go to for the majority still in the wEstern culture, though tides are slowly changing to less invasive and damaging modalities, but are still very rampant. 

    • Antibiotics are still the first line prescribed treatment for acne, even though it’s statistically not as effective as it was a decade ago

      • Due to more acne caused by hormones and diet?

      • Bacteria have evolved to be more drug resistant

      • More people have acne due to non-bacterial causes which will shift the percentage of antibiotic effective treatment

  • Bacteria can cause acne due to having too much “bad” or good bacteria on the skin where they cause a decrease in the breakdown of sebrum, and cause the follicle to become inflamed and create acne

  • Antibiotics though may inversely cause acne and other issues down the road due to killing the gut flora, causing an imbalance, and then return to systemic inflammation

Other causes?

  • Over washing your face

    • Just like how over doing hand sanitizer kills the bacteria that creates a protective barrier and can increase the risk of warts

      • This can deplete the protective skin barrier allowing bacteria and blockages of pores and increase acne

      • Skin could then try to overcompensate for depleted oils, and create more which can in turn, lead to more acne


Tea tree oil or Benyzol alcohol

  • These are the 2 most commonly used self care items people try for acne, and for some decent reasons, mostly due to they are the top google findings and searches for it.

  • There was a RCT comparing the 2

    • In 6 weeks with tea tree oil

      • 40% decrease in white/black heads, 47& drop in pus filled pimples and 40% drop in red and tender acne bumps

        • 3.5x more effective than placebo

      • Helps with the inflammation, but not bactericidal in pimples due to a biofilm protective layer- works in petri dish just fine…. 

    • Benzoyl peroxide- most common over the counter method, even with known side effects

      • May cause irritation, red itchy skin, peeling, dryness, or burning

      • Was about 5-15% more effective than Tea Tree oil



  • I was asked about this one specifically, so here it is

    • Looks like an elongated cranberry

    • Has berberine in high amounts

    • 43%-45% less pimples and zits in 1 month

      • 2 tablespoons of juice a day

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